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Hooters Training invites you to share in our success. In fact, we insist! Only if you are successful, can we be successful. As one of the nation’s fastest growing restaurant groups, it’s imperative that we find and use the best talent available.

Hooters is a great concept. But, a great concept lives or dies by strength or its weakest link. Our training program is designed to make every link in the Hooters chain as strong as possible-from Hooters Girl to corporate management. As you progress through the training program, we can promise you three things:

You’ll know your job
You’ll know how we evaluate your performance
You’ll know what is required to move up in the organization

How it Works

Field Experience as a MIT. The MIT program gives you real-world experience with an emphasis on developing leadership skills. For 8-10 weeks, you rotate through all the essential positions in the restaurant. Afterwards, you have the knowledge to train others in the proper operation of a Hooters. You also learn how to implement and install the Hooters system of management controls. Best of all, you’re now a fully qualified assistant manager.

Continuing Development

As you earn responsibility, you participate in both internal and external training programs as needed to improve your working skills. Hooters encourages professional development at all levels.

Hooters Benefits

All full-time Hooters management employees can participate in a range of benefit programs, competitive with those offered by other major employers. The programs have been designed so that employees can balance work, play, and their lives. Hooters’ total compensation program includes pay and benefits that respond to a wide spectrum of employee needs.


Major Medical and Dental

Additional Benefits

Meal Program, Paid Vacation, Hooters Hunter Referral Program – $$$ for management referrals, Corporate Training and Industry Certifications and more fun than you ever thought possible running a restaurant!!

Hooters Career Path & Compensation

“Work hard, play hard & make money” all have a special meaning for your career path at Hooters. With new restaurants opening each year, Hooters clearly offers room for advancement. Growth is creating openings both for direct management positions and management support functions at corporate and regional levels. It offers a stable and predictable career path in restaurant management.

Corporate Philosophy

Hooters presents special rewards and challenges to its managers, all based on our approach to building a successful business. Our beliefs, as they affect your career, are:

Hooters is intensely a people business. People create the atmosphere that draws customers to Hooters. Accordingly, the most successful managers are those who can motivate and train employees to deliver a quality product in a carefree atmosphere. A substantial part of management compensation is based on bonuses tied to sales and profit goals. Managers with good people skills thus tend to be the most highly compensated.

Hooters thrives on promotion. Hooters believes in constantly keeping its name and product before the public. Managers have broad individual authority in their promotional programs. Good ideas and good execution leads to more customer traffic and larger bonuses. In few other companies do managers have more tools for marketing and more opportunity to use them than with Hooters.

Hooters demands consistency. We purchase the highest quality food products and serve them with quality tested cooking methods. For all of our concerns about food quality, however, we believe that customers come back because we exceed their expectations about a certain type of experience. Accordingly, good Hooters managers oversee the details, but keep their eyes on creating a consistent overall experience for customers. It calls for the combined talents of a Hollywood promoter and a good host. Hooters gives managers a chance to play a larger and more important role than is common in the restaurant industry.

Management Opportunities As a MIT

You earn an hourly rate, commensurate with your experience during your training course. At the end of training, you’re reviewed for promotion to Assistant Manager.

Upon promotion to Assistant Manager, you receive a base salary augmented by bonuses based on sales and profits. Most Hooters locations are staffed by two, three or four Assistant Managers, and a General Manager. Your responsibilities increase as your experience level does. Career growth can come both from promotion within a unit and by transfer to larger units. You can also advance to General Manager with full budgetary and hiring authority. You run your own restaurant and call your own shots. At this level, you have a higher base salary, plus a larger percentage of the profit bonuses. General Managers also become eligible for promotion to Area Supervisor.

As an Area Supervisor, you have several stores to supervise with sales in the $6 – $10 million range. You conduct manager training, develop new promotional ideas, and help managers anticipate and solve problems. You’re eligible for additional bonuses and corporate travel/training. You also become a developer of manager talent and begin shaping corporate policy. Your responsibilities include scouting for new locations, development of promotional marketing plans, developing of people, company profitability and finding new management candidates.

For more information on careers at Hooters, just give us a call at 850-654-1866.